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More Photo of the Next-Generation Hyundai Santa Fe Exposed!

Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the best-selling family SUVs in the market and it will be completely revamped for the model year 2024! Brace yourself, because the 5th-generation model will be nothing like Santa Fe as you know it!


As covered in our latest issue, the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is currently undergoing development for its premiere in 2023. And unlike the Santa Fe's that have existed before, the new Hyundai SUV will be more rugged-looking and will grow in size to be positioned as a semi-large SUV and essentially replace the current Palisade, which in turn will grow to the size of the likes of Chevy Tahoe.

Just discovered are some additional spy photos of the new Santa Fe, which will feature the new 3-row seating capacity to go with its new larger body and attractive new sheet metal. They are clearly designed to overcome some of the major flaws of the current model that's experiencing difficulties in competing with the sibling Sorento or the class-leading Toyota and Honda competitions.

The 3rd-row seat appears to be similar to the current Palisade in design and functionality.

The all-new interior is much more premium than the previous models.

The 5th-generation Santa Fe is brazened with the new "H" symbolism inside and out.

The "H" logo is also embroidered on the new luxurious seats.

The rear tail lamps are seated low to the body giving it that G-Wagen-like aura.

It also features the new roof-rack design that appears to be more practical, well complementing the new rugged style of the SUV.

Spy Images are sourced from PphungtaiTV and WoopaTV:



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