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Genesis's Much-Anticipated First-Ever Sports Car Ready for Production?

Korea's only luxury auto brand exposes the interior of its first-ever sports car concept X Speedium coupe, which signals that Genesis may have finally made up its mind about its future.


We all know that Genesis has been tempering with the idea of its first sports car since the creation of its brand in 2015 with the introduction of the Essentia concept in 2018. The stunning gull-wing doored Essentia evolved into a more practical yet just as gorgeous X Concept in 2021 and further progressed into an even more practical shooting brake style of the Speedium iteration in 2022.

View the X Speedium live!

When the spectacular Speedium concept was introduced earlier in the year, only the exterior was exposed, however, the coupe now flaunts for the first time its beautiful interior, which looks to be it's ready for production.

What are your thoughts on the X Speedium Coupe? Would you buy one if it was produced? Please vote and share your view!


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