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Incredible IONIQ 6 Ready For Production! On the Road with 400 miles Range!

Hyundai's first-ever dedicated electric sedan exposes itself on the road for the first time! It's reported to have reached the 400-mi / 650-km range, incredibly!


We have recently reported on the remarkable discoveries that were made pertaining to Hyundai IONIQ 6, the first-ever dedicated electric sedan from the Korean automaker, on its way to becoming a complete carbon-neutral company.

Incredibly the latest reports indicate that the range of the IONIQ 6 sedan has not only exceeded 373 miles or 600 km, as previously reported but now reached 400-miles or 650-km, utilizing the same 77.4 kWh battery

The new electric sedan had to undergo a significant upgrade before it was introduced, to correct the controversial styling of the prototype that was supposed to be based on the stunning Prophecy concept. With the overall length of the vehicle extended to nearly 5 meters, as part of the design change that included the front and the rear end restyling, it’s now much bigger than was expected.

Earlier, we had anticipated that the IONIQ 6 would be a competitor to the likes of Tesla Model 3, analogous to IONIQ 5 being a competitor to Model Y, but it’s turning out to be a competition for the Model S, in terms of size anyway. With that said, the first discovery that we had made was that the starting price of the IONIQ 6 is to start lower than expected, as it’s reported that the price would be similar to the equivalent Kia EV6. Meaning that the most basic 225 hp long-range rear-wheel-drive model’s estimated starting price would be in the neighborhood of $47,000 when it's launched in the Summer of 2022. This price is only a couple of thousand dollars more than the similarly equipped IONIQ 5 and represents a significant value for such a large car.

The IONIQ 6 is based on the revolutionary E-GMP dedicated EV platform featuring 800V charging archiquecture.

Although the IONIQ 6 is no match for the nearly $100,000 Tesla Model S in terms of horsepower and the accompanying 0 to 60 time, even in its highest configuration that offers 321 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque, that can dash from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, it appears that the affordable IONIQ 6, may be able to nearly match the range of Tesla’s 405 miles, enabled by now standard 100 kWh battery. Incredibly the latest reports indicate that the range of the IONIQ 6 sedan has not only exceeded 373 miles or 600 km, as previously reported but now reached 400-miles or 650-km, utilizing the same 77.4 kWh battery that it shares with the IONIQ 5. That’s an increase of nearly 100-miles from just the improvement of the efficiency, which is simply groundbreaking. With its EGMP dedicated electric platform featuring 800-volt charging architecture, offering an incredible 18-minute charging time of 10 to 80%, easily beating out Tesla’s time of 30 minutes and longer, the IONIQ 6 should give all of the competition in its price range and then some, a run for its money.

Also, in terms of the level of luxury and the interior appointments, the latest spy photos of the IONIQ 6 suggest that the electric sedan’s level of quality is top-notch, above and beyond that of the IONIQ 5. Although similarly styled as the IONIQ 5 crossover’s, the sedan’s interior appears to be more luxurious and plusher, with higher material quality, which would complement nicely with the improved exterior styling that truly resembles the Prophecy concept.

Although based on the IONIQ 5, the interior is vastly different.

With the camouflage cladding completely removed from the prototype, it's now evident that the IONIQ 6 features a double-deck spoiler with the large whale spoiler on top of the smaller trunk deck spoiler, to further improve the aerodynamics, as well as the athletic and dynamic appearance. Although not identical to the concept, the production vehicle bears so much resemblance to the Prophecy, Hyundai felt that it was necessary to file a design patent of the IONIQ 6 with the images of the Prophecy, interestingly.

For more detailed information on the IONIQ 6, please check out our other feature video by clicking on the image (

The first-ever running footage of IONIQ 6 without the cladding.



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