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Hyundai IONIQ 6 Delayed Again? What's The Problem Now?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The reports from Korea suggest that the long-awaited IONIQ 6 could be delayed again! Originally scheduled for Feb 2022 production, it was changed to June 2022. Can we finally see it come out within this year?


As the whole world is patiently awaiting the release of the IONIQ 6, the first-ever dedicated electric sedan from Hyundai, shocking news has been uncovered in Korea that would certainly create another stir in the E-V communities.

The news pertains to the potential problem in the launching of the Prophecy-inspired electric sedan according to plan, which was slated for this summer. We will proceed to explore further the truth behind the rumor circulating around the release of the highly-anticipated IONIQ 6.

Mr. Chung Eui-Sun, the chairman of the Hyundai motor group has ordered that unless IONIQ 6 is completely problem-free and perfect in every detail, the production is to be delayed as much as it’s required.

IONIQ 6 is perhaps the most anticipated new model to arrive this year, not only as the second model to come following the high-profile IONIQ 5 but because of its unique style and form factor. The style of IONIQ 6 as a traditional 3-box sedan format is very few and far between, in the market filled with crossovers and SUVs. Granted, as rare as they seem, there are notable electric sedans in the market, such as Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT, and the latest Lucid Air. But one key factor that separates IONIQ 6 from the rest is the price. Expected to only be slightly more expensive than the IONIQ 5 crossover sibling, the estimated starting price of the electric sedan is only $47,000. As a sedan that rivals the other competitors in size and presence, with an overall length of nearly 5 meters or 196 inches, it will certainly be considered a bargain. For example, the Porsche Taycan, which is most similar to IONIQ 6 in terms of size and off-the-wall styling, has a starting price of $85,000. For almost half the price of the Porsche, IONIQ 6 offers up to 321 hp, and all-wheel-drive performance of low 5 seconds 0 to 60 mph, which is identical to the rear-wheel-drive Taycan’s 321 hp and 5.1 seconds. Furthermore, IONIQ 6’s usable battery capacity of 77.4 kWh will outrun the 71 kWh battery of Taycan by a large margin. IONIQ 6 is expected to achieve up to 350 miles or 563 km in range, compared to Taycan’s 200 miles or 322 km.

From left to right, Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S are some of the sedan competitors of the IONIQ6 6 (For More Info:

Although both vehicles share the similar 800-volt charging architecture, derived from the Ri-mac system, which both companies have an equity interest in, Hyundai actually charges faster at 18 minutes 10 to 80% whereas the Porsche achieves it in 22.5 minutes.

With other competitions such as Tesla Model S now approaching $100,000 in price, albeit, with higher power and bigger battery, it’s still needless to say that IONIQ 6 represents the best value in the electric sedan segment. And the whole package doesn’t end with the value message either. Although the Hyundai brand may lack Porsche’s cachet as a premium luxury vehicle, as seen in the latest Hyundai motor group products, Hyundai builds one of the most quality-oriented and reliable products in the world. The IONIQ 6 is also expected to deliver the highest quality interior and technology, further improving on the IONIQ 5’s innovative interior design, featuring an extremely long wheelbase of 2950mm or 116 inches, which is actually longer than that of Taycan’s. Also with a higher roofline of 1495 mm or 59 inches in height, it’s expected to offer a much more spacious interior compared to Taycan.

The IONIQ 6 electric sedan inherits the swoopy Prophecy concept's body lines. (For More Info:

Styling is subjective, but the IONIQ 6 is to provide just as head-turning looks as the Taycan, with its Prophecy concept car based design that offers sleek 4-door coupe-like profile, with the sloping body lines reminiscent of the classic cars, complete with the Porsche 911 styled whale tales, to provide the downforce it needs.

Although there are controversies surrounding the electric sedan, of its lack of authenticity compared to the original IONIQ 6 concept, from the latest spy photos that we have obtained, the details are uncanny from the headlight design and the pixelized rear lamp assembly, that exudes the same spacecraft-like ambiance of the show car. Although it’s not as low to the ground as the concept, the revised length of the vehicle will provide the illusion of being a very sleek car, planted low to the ground. This visual effect becomes more apparent with the addition of the bigger sports wheels as recently discovered that eludes to the existence of the N version of the sedan that could match the performance of the likes of Taycan Turbo with 616 hp, which has the starting price of $150,000. Expected to be priced only around $60,000, the IONIQ 6 N will provide close to 600 hp by adopting the Kia EV6 and IONIQ 5 N’s drivetrain that could provide 0- to 60 performance of low 3 seconds.

IONIQ 6 N with near 600-hp is rumored. Should give the likes of the Taycan GTS that cost $130,000 a fair fight. (

So, now we understand that the IONIQ 6 could be the electric car deal of the century with the size, luxury, and performance that rivals the products that cost 2 or 3 times the price, when can we actually purchase it?

As we reported previously, the release date has already been postponed once before. The reasoning behind this was to improve the controversial styling, which includes front and rear-end redesign, and lengthening of the overall length from the previous 4900 mm by 90 mm. The revision also was to improve on the efficiency and the range of the sedan. To accomplish this, Hyundai has not only increased the battery size from the originally planned 72.6 kWh, but also improve the efficiency through engineering, to arrive at the range that’s to exceed that of the IONIQ 5’s 303 miles, and even the EV6’s 310 mile EPA certified range. FYI, both crossovers use the same drivetrain and battery as the IONIQ 6. The latest report states the range is as high as 400 miles or 650 km for the prototype, but the production IONIQ 6 is to come with the around 350-mile range as stated earlier. With the modifications and improvements, the most recent production date was scheduled for June of this year. However, according to Korean media, this may no longer be the case.

The prototype IONIQ 65 has been reported to have attained up to 400 miles (650 km) in range. (For More Info:

It appears that Mr. Chung Eui-Sun, the chairman of the Hyundai motor group has ordered that unless IONIQ 6 is completely problem-free and perfect in every detail, the production is to be delayed as much as it’s required. This may be in response to some issues that have been found in IONIQ 5 such as the coolant leak problem, and some software glitches that have been known to exist. Also, there is consensus especially in Korea that the Hyundai has betrayed the trust of the early adopters that have purchased the first edition IONIQ 5, when Hyundai drastically improve the 2nd year version with the bigger battery, and additional key features as the firmware update capability as part of the vehicle’s O-T-A functionalities, and the battery preconditioning features that allow for faster charging in colder temperatures. These are all the features that should have been included from the outset but removed due to insufficient time being available for the implementation and testing. It’s known that the IONIQ 5 was rushed into the market, because of the marketing’s decision that they had to have the product released earlier to fend off Tesla Model Y, as it was preparing to invade Korea in early 2020. Hyundai felt that the timing was critical as it was feared that Tesla’s latest model would lay claim to all the government subsidies available for the year, and not leave any for the IONIQ 5 if it was not introduced to the market in a timely manner.

So what Hyundai is saying is that it does not want to make the same mistake again in releasing a product that’s not fully baked. It is also true that Hyundai considers IONIQ 6 to be the most important product being released in recent history, and that it will guide the company firmly into being the premier E-V maker, with the expected sales far exceeding that of any other models produced by Hyundai in recent years. With the high sales not only expected in Europe and Korea, where demands are normally high for EVs in the first place but it’s expected to do extremely well in North America as well, as a large sedan such as IONIQ 6 still commands a big following. As such, Hyundai feels that the IONIQ 6 will be its first-ever world electric car that transcends all boundaries and regional differences, requiring an additional level of preparations to introduce a perfect specimen

Models such as IONIQ 5 and EV6 are taking up to 14 months for delivery. (For More Info:

On the contrary, however true this striving for perfection rhetoric may sound believable on the surface and in publicity, the truth of the matter is, that there really is no incentive for Hyundai to release product earlier, due to the current global chip shortage crisis, as the company is barely able to keep the production going, with the popular products like IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6 taking up to 14 months for delivery.

Whatever the case may be, the final evaluation of the IONIQ 6 by the chairman himself and the management is set for June 2022, when the decision will be made as to the production will proceed as planned or be postponed again if any deficiencies are discovered. According to reports, the assembly line at the Asan factory, which has been converted from struggling Sonata, is fully ready for the IONIQ 6 production since late January in accordance with the original production date of February 2022. We cross our fingers that there would be no more delays.

In the meanwhile, Hyundai is planning to display the Prophecy concept at the X-E-V Trend Korea event in Seoul on February 17th, and there is expected to be more information on the production of IONIQ 6 becoming available. We will be the first one to report on the event, so please stay tuned.



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