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Genesis GV90 is the Biggest SUV from Genesis. The New Large Genesis SUV Coming in 2023!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Looking for even bigger SUV from Genesis? The GV80 is already substantially sized with 3-rows and a plenty of cargo space but if you crave for even more space, the GV90 is what the doctor ordered! Oh, and it's an EV!


We at AutoVision have reported several times in the past the possibility of the largest SUV of yet from Genesis, aptly named GV90. And for the first time, there is some substance to the rumor. On February 4th, 2021, the South Korean auto news outlet Top Rider has indicated the existence of the actual plan for the behemoth. To be positioned above the already substantially large Genesis GV80, the GV90, once known as e-GV90 through the news that the moniker was registered in the US and Korea as one of the future vehicles, will be an electric vehicle, as the name suggests. But Genesis will drop the “E” from the name as the Korean luxury automaker will not be producing the internal combustion engine version and go straight to electric. This is similar to the case of the GV60 electric SUV, the smallest of the Genesis’ SUV lineup that was once known as e-GV60. Since there will not be an I-C-E version of the car, Genesis decided to drop “E” from the name and just call the compact SUV, the GV60.

And like the GV60, the GV90 is expected to be based on the same E-GMP dedicated electric car platform. The highly versatile Electric Global Modular Platform or E-GMP can serve as a base for everything from a compact SUV such as Genesis GV70 and the platform sharing Kia CV and Ioniq 5, to a coupe such as the upcoming Ioniq 6, and large vehicles such as the GV90, and also anticipated Ioniq 7 large SUV, which is expected to be the Ioniq’s version of the GV90

Bound to be substantially more luxurious than the already ultra-luxurious GV80, the larger and more expensive GV90 is expected to feature a sumptuous interior appointment that’s even a class above anything that has been seen from the Korean luxury brand.

The GV90 Will Be One of The Largest SUV and EV

The E-GMP is the latest creation of the Hyundai motor group to ensure that it will be the leader in the new electric car age, featuring fast charging, longest range, and breathtaking performance at the same time. The E-GMP is designed to have the maximum range of 500 km or 310 miles on a single charge, with the second phase product aiming for an astonishing 800km or 500-miles range! It will also support 350 kW fast charging due to its 800V charging architecture, which allows 80% of the charge at just 18 minutes and 100 km or 60 miles of instant range from just 4 minutes of charging. The E-GMP vehicles can also be charged wirelessly and houses solar panels on the roof to supplement the power on an ongoing basis.

The expected performance of the GV90 is phenomenal too, as the vehicle’s 0-60 time is expected to range from 3-seconds to 5-seconds depending on the motor option, and the top speed of 160 mph.

The design is unknown at this time, but we know that the new X7 and GLS fighter from Genesis will be a big, roomy SUV. Not only the outside dimension will be imposing to match that of the German rivals, but the interior volume will also be far roomier than any conventional SUVs, thanks to its dedicated electric vehicle platform. The E-GMP’s EV architecture makes a flat interior floor possible and the dual motor system allows for an extended wheelbase.

Bound to be substantially more luxurious than the already ultra-luxurious GV80, the larger and more expensive GV90 is expected to feature a sumptuous interior appointment that’s even a class above anything that has been seen from the Korean luxury brand. And as a flagship SUV model, it is expected to share a lot of the exclusive features that are reserved for the upcoming flagship G90 sedan. The all-new G90 sedan is expected to be a car that changes the history of luxury cars by competing toe-to-toe with, and maybe even surpass the industry’s luxury benchmark Mercedes Benz S-Class and BMW 7 series. The GV90 will receive the G90’s impressive features such as a giant 40-inch 3D LCD cluster that combines driver’s information and the infotainment in one, much like the one that was seen in the Genesis Essentia concept.

Also, the epitome of electric vehicle technology is the self-driving capability, and the GV90 is expected to launch with the Highway Driving Pilot feature. This level-3 autonomy is what is considered a true self-driving, and is enabled by 2 state-of-the-art Lidar sensors from Velodyne combined with the onboard camera and radar sensors. The G90 and GV90 will also feature air suspension, the first for the company. The air suspension will be combined with the Genesis's ECS PREVIEW suspension technology, which is electronically controlled suspension with road preview that automatically recognizes road information in advance and provide optimal suspension setting, to produce the sublime ride quality that should truly be world-class at any price. Please check out the feature presentation of this impressive technology at the end of this video.

Furthermore, as a flagship vehicle to open the new electric car age for Hyundai, the GV90 will be fully wired and state of the art in terms of its connectivity and infotainment technology. The GV90 will feature a new integrated infotainment system with Augmented Reality-based navigation and an in-car payment system, which is based on Hyundai’s exclusive Connected Car Operating System that also includes TouchPad with handwriting recognition, and a better-connected rear-seat infotainment system. Particularly noteworthy features of the system are AVNT or Audio, Video, Navigation Telematics enabled touchpad with handwriting recognition, O-T-A or Over The Air updates for all of its infotainment and vehicle operation functions, and F-o-D or Feature on Demand function that allows the driver to selectively purchase or subscribe to certain features of the vehicles above and beyond standard features. These Advanced technologies turn a vehicle such as the GV90 into a connected mobile device, like a smartphone in its own right.

The electric Genesis GV90 flagship SUV is expected to be introduced in 2023 as a 2024 model along with the more pedestrian Ioniq 7 sister model. The GV90 will compete with such formidable competitions such as BMW X7, Mercedes Benz GLS, and maybe even the Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade. It’s expected to be the 2nd Korean car to break the $100,000 mark after the all-new G90 sedan, which is due to be launched in late 2021 or early 2022.



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